Your organization's show page is your own mini-landing page on Take advantage of all its features to help visitors learn more about your program and your horses! Here's an example.

To update your show page, log in and click Account Settings, then Edit Organization. 

Enter links to your Guidestar, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Check out the "Organization Page URL," which you can customize to an extent. Choose something short and easy to remember!

Click SAVE.

Then, use this Organization Page URL to link to your landing page on where all your available horses can be viewed at once. This is a great URL to use for social media, or anywhere you refer to your entire population rather than a specific horse.

You can also use this URL to link your organization's own website directly to your account. (If your site is built on WordPress, read this article about using the plugin to integrate directly.)

If your site is built on a platform other than WordPress, simply copy this Organization Page URL and link to it from your Adoptable Horses page on your own website. Then when users visit your site and navigate to your adoptable horses page, they'll be directed to view all your listings on! This simplifies the process for adopters AND for you, as you only need to update listings in one place.