My Right Horse strives to elevate adoption as a preferred way to acquire a horse. By combining best practices of traditional horse marketing with the benefits of adoption, we aim to find good homes for thousands of good horses and massively increase equine adoptions. The My Right Horse platform is built on excellent customer service, an outstanding user experience and transparency between adoption organizations and adopters. In support of this, My Right Horse partners with adoption organizations committed to the same goals and will consider the below requirements in determining access to My Right Horse. My Right Horse was created and is maintained by the WaterShed Animal Fund (WAF).

  • Adoption organizations must be a U.S. based 501 (c)(3) public charity OR a governmental entity (such as a municipal shelter).
  • Adoption organizations must maintain current participation in the Equine Welfare Data Collective (be willing and able to provide animal statistics including intake and adoption numbers).
  • Adoption organizations must operate within all applicable federal, state and local laws at all times.
  • Adoption organizations must be committed to matching the right horse to the right person by being responsive, transparent, communicative and friendly to interested adopters.
  • Adoption organizations must make every effort in good faith to present their equines in a positive light. This includes providing quality, flattering photos and videos; truthful, positive descriptions; and enough detailed information for prospective adopters. Good presentation does not need to be expensive or time-consuming; reach out to us for assistance and we’re happy to help!
  • Adoption organizations must provide an approachable and pleasant application process and adoption contract for adopters. Read more from ASPCA Pro on creating an effective contract that protects horses but doesn’t discourage adopters here and here.
  • In keeping with adoption-friendly practices, adoption organizations must transfer ownership of adopted horses. Read more about why to transfer ownership and how to protect horses while transferring ownership.
  • Adoption organizations must not engage in “bailing” horses from known kill buyers or dealers who unscrupulously market horses to the public. Financially supporting such practices is counter to creating long-term solutions for at-risk horses.
  • Adoption organizations must commit to a dialogue of kindness and respect at all times. Attacks, badmouthing, profanity, abusive language or actions against other animal welfare agencies/organizations, adopters or prospective adopters, or professionals by employees, board members, volunteers or other representatives are grounds for removal from My Right Horse with or without advance notice.
  • Organizations must at all times act in the best interests of the welfare of the animals in their care and in their communities. Any organization deemed by WAF to be jeopardizing the welfare of animals will be immediately removed from My Right Horse. This will be determined in the sole discretion of WAF. Jeopardizing the welfare of animals includes, but is not limited to:
    • failure to act in good faith to make adoptions and transfers only to adopters and other agencies who are reasonably equipped to provide humane care for the equines;
    • failure to geld prior to turning the animal over to an adopter (except when gelding is deemed medically inappropriate by a licensed veterinarian); and
    • failure to provide for the welfare of all animals within one’s custody.

Access to My Right Horse as a listing organization is a privilege offered at no cost. This privilege may be revoked at any time with or without notice, for any reason listed above or for no reason at all. All decisions regarding accounts, access, and use of My Right Horse are made by WaterShed Animal Fund and are final.