On the My Right Horse platform, all listings created are limited to being listed for 120 days unless the account admin or contributors extend the listing at any point during that initial 120-day listing timeframe. The goal of putting a time limit on listings is there to prevent organizations from logging in once or twice a year, adding additional listings, and forgetting about the previous listings. The platform was built with someone who is looking to adopt in mind just as much as an organization who is looking to put horses up for adoption.

It is good to understand that, an organization can log into their account and extend a listing back to 120 days once it enters the expiring soon phase. A listing will enter the expiring soon phase when there are 20 days left. When a listing hits the 20-day mark, an email notification is also sent to the individual that is listed as a contact for that listing. This email includes the number of listings that are in the expiring soon phase and a link for them to immediately log into their account to extend the listings back to 120 days.

Listings that are in the expiring soon phase will also show up in your dashboard when you first log in. They will look like the image below, allowing you to extend those listings the minute you log on.

Note: The information used above is not real. Images and data provided are for example purposes only.

Another question that is asked, where did the 120-day timeframe come from? It was developed on loose averages, we understand that some horses may end up being in an organization's care for over a year. Once we have more organizations willing to share the length of stay information, we will then adjust the number of days to better match the average. This means the number of days for listings could increase to 150 days, 180 days or whatever is more appropriate based on the data that is received. This would also increase the days at which a listing enters the expiring soon phase.


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