The My Right Horse experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s a look at improvements you’ll find in the latest release.


  • Progressive Image Loading: Added progressive image loading to listing media to improve page load times. This loads in a really small blurred image first, and then loads in the cover image for the listing card.
  • Average Length of Stay Analytics: Knowing how long, on average, a horse will be in an organizations care is important information to know. We added the ability to see the length of stay on the analytics overview.
  • Age of Horses Analytics: Added an analytics card that shows the age range of horses that were adopted withing a given time frame.
  • Horse Discipline Analytics: Added an analytics card that shows the breakdown of horse disciplines for horses adopted within a given time frame.
  • Microchip Analytics: Added an analytics card which displays total, adopted and not adopted horses that are microchipped within a given time frame.
  • Organization Show Page: Added organizational pages that display listings associated to that organization instead of requiring organizations to redirect to the search page to find their listings.


  • Removed HotJar Code: HotJar was used to track user experience across the app. This helped us make design decisions influenced by how visitors were using the site during it's initial prototyping stages. The code has been removed because we no longer utilize HotJar to guide those decisions.
  • Added a Social Share Image Crop: Images being shared on social media sites were utilizing our "medium" sized images. We have since added a size specifically requested by social media sites to allow those organizations to pull in a much larger image for the listing pages.
  • Improved Page Load Times: Removed some unnecessary code as well as started to utilize browser caching and gzip on resources.
  • Integrate Headless Chrome Testing: Added a toolset for use when test JavaScript.
  • Added Validations to EIN: On the organization sign-up page, we added a validation to make sure the EIN was provided, it wasn't already in use and also added an input mask to make sure it is always provided in a consistent format.
  • Organizations Not Viewable in Active Admin: Fixed a bug in active admin that wouldn't allow organizations to be viewed or edited.
  • Search Page Optimization: We were recieving "n+1" queries on the search page. We removed the possibility of this happening to keep search streamlined and efficient.
  • Image Orientation Bug: Images that were take on an iPhone would have the wrong orientation when uploading using the listing wizard.
  • Map Popover Cleanup: On hover or click, the map popover on the search page had a set width. This was update to accept variable widths and also make the heading a bit smaller for improved readability.
  • Pagination Issues: Pagination on the search page was not providing pages, instead it was loading all listings in on the initial page load.
  • Map Centering Issue: Fixed an issue that would now center the map to the organizations locations when selected from the dropdown issue.
  • Listing Wizard Crashes: When changing the location while in the listing wizard, the wizard would crash.
  • Removed An Old Database: An old database that was used in the initial phase of the app still existed, but is now removed.
  • Search Sorting Bug: When you would type in a location the search results would not populate based on distance to the location provided.