The My Right Horse experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s a look at improvements you’ll find in the latest release.


  • Analytics: Being informed on listing performance got a little easier. The analytics page can be accessed by organizations to view the performance on their listings and use the data to increase the visibility of their adoptable horses.
  • Basic Applications: As requested, basic applications are now available. This is a form rather than an email link that is tied to each listing. Each email includes the basic information for an interested party, includes an attached PDF and link to the listing they are inquiring about.


  • Honey Pot: Added a honey pot to the forms to help reduce spam.
  • Improved Compatibility: Fixed some visual inconsistencies across the platform so that it becomes more consistent across the most popular browsers.
  • Disappearing Icons: Updated our icon font to improve the experience. In a few places, the correct icons were not appearing throughout the platform.
  • Invitation Email: This email had an extra segment of code that was appearing in the body copy, no worries we removed it.
  • Listing Tracking Inconsistency: Fixed an issue where bots were spamming our tracking code for listing page views, causing inaccurate listing view numbers.
  • Added Listing Views: Listing view card is viewable on the analytics overview page, including the top 5 viewed listings.
  • Added Shares: Number of Shares card is viewable on the analytics overview page, including the top 5 shared listings.
  • Added Breed Statistics: Breed statistics card is viewable on the analytics overview page. Breeds are broken down in as the top 4, plus other option as a pie chart.
  • Added Gender Statistics: Gender statistics card is viewable on the analytics overview page. Gender is broken down in 5 different genders as a pie chart.
  • Analytics Help: Information has been added to the back of the analytics cards. This information details how that number is calculated as well as the basic information on that particular statistic.
  • Analytics Data Picker: A preset and custom date picker was added to the analytics page to select a specific time range to view analytics.
  • Updated Favicon: Updated the favicon throughout the web app.
  • Added Knowledgebase: The knowledge base can be found at You are here now.
  • Temperament Info: Provided definitions to the temperament scale on listings. Click the "?" to the right of the temperament to find out more details about the rating.
  • Contact Us Groove Integration: Integrated the contact us form into Groove's shared inbox for increased response time.