The My Right Horse experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s a look at improvements you’ll find in the latest release.


  • Listing Tracking: Being informed on listing performance got a little easier. Added the ability to track when a visitor views a listing to display the information in the upcoming analytics dashboard.
  • Listing Share Tracking: See how many times a listing is shared using the buttons directly located on listing cards. This information will be displayed on the upcoming analytics dashboard.
  • Track Listing Status: Added timestamps for when a listing status is changed to allow for Average Listing Lifespan and Length of Stay to be displayed in the upcoming analytics dashboard.


  • Password Reset: When both a first and last name was not present on an account, the ability to reset the account's password was denied.
  • Token Authenticity Error: Issues with MailChimp integration for the newsletter subscription form.
  • Search Filter Spacing: Inconsistently spaced filter fields were corrected to display with proper spacing on mobile.
  • Distance Slider Update: Made the distance slider inactive until information is typed into the location/zip code field.
  • Improved CSV Error Email: Improved formatting to better display errors and where those errors are located when a CSV is processed and an error is discovered.
  • Email Footer: Updated the footer on transactional emails to pull the correct information when an email is generated.
  • Updated Node/NPM Version: Removed Yarn and updated Node.
  • Keep Original Image on Crop: After cropping an image, instead of replacing that image stored on the server, create a new image and changed the card's image to the new cropped image.
  • Persist Crop Coordinates: Save the coordinate data to the database and display the original image with the crop box using that coordinate data.
  • Hosting Assets for Plugin: Moved JavaScript and CSS assets to the My Right Horse server for the updated JavaScript embed code.