The My Right Horse experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s a look at improvements you’ll find in the latest release.


  • Analytics Live Reload: Improved the analytics view by allowing the data to load in on request instead of requiring the page to reload.
  • Live Outcomes Analytics: Tracking live outcomes is an important metric to be able to view within a time frame. We added the ability to see the live outcomes and the break down of those live outcomes on the analytics overview.
  • Other Outcomes Analytics: Similar to live outcomes, tracking other outcomes is an important metric to be able to view within a time frame. We added the ability to see the other outcomes and the break down of those other outcomes on the analytics overview.
  • Intakes and Outcomes Line Graph: This is a multi-line graph that displays both intakes and outcomes over the selected time frame. The goal is to allow for organizations to see correlation between the two over time.
  • Inquiry Analytics: Added the ability to see the number of inquires an organization received over time on active listings. This also indicates horses that have had inquires and are still not adopted.
  • Average Listing Lifespan Analytics: Added the ability to see what the average listing lifespan. This is calculated by accounting for the time a listing is first uploaded to when that listing is marked as archived or adopted.


  • Factory Bot: Transitioned from Factory Girl to Factory Bot.
  • Expiring Soon Notification: Added an email notification when listings enter the expiring soon phase specific to the organization.
  • No Data Available: Fixed a bug the would give us an indicator that no data was available to be loaded into a graph.
  • Disabled Organizations: On sign-up, organizations start in a disabled state and have to now be activated by an administrator.
  • Adoption Fee: Throughout the platform, some locations were still showing the title for the adoption fee as price. It was updated to display only adoption fee and to accept adoption fee as a column in CSV uploads and integrations.
  • Removed Staging Data: We had old data since the beginning of the app development still on staging. That data was removed to prevent unexpected errors that could not occur on production.
  • Added More Breeds: Belgian Draft was added as a breed option for listings.
  • Added More Disciplines: Western Pleasure, English Pleasure and Prospect for any discipline was added as option under disciplines for new and old listings.
  • Duplicate Breeds: Fixed a bug cause duplicate breeds to appear in search results.
  • CSV Listings: A bug was causing listings using the CSV integration feature to not appearing in analytics.
  • Paperclip Config: Removed old Paperclip configuration.
  • Updated Ruby: Updated Ruby to the latest version to fix some performance issues.
  • Updated ImageMagik: Updated to the latest version of ImageMagik to correct some memory leak issues.
  • Multi-line Graph Segmentation: Improved the way data was displayed over long periods of time on both mobile and desktop.
  • Update Rails: Updated Rails to the latest version.