Setting up an integration between your organization's website and your account will save you time and streamline your work. Update your listings on, and they'll automatically update on your website. We've built a WordPress plugin that's easy to install and use for this purpose.

*This works for websites built on the WordPress platform. If your website isn't built on WordPress, consult this guide on connecting your website to your listings.

Here's how:

1. Visit the WordPress plugin store and download the My Right Horse plugin.

2. Follow the installation instructions to add the plugin to your WordPress website, on whichever page you have adoptable horses shown.

3. Navigate to your account on, then click "Account Settings," then "Embed & API Access."

4. Click "Create a Key" to create an API Key, and set it to "active" with the on/off toggle.

Here's what the settings look like in your My Right Horse account dashboard.

5. Copy that API Key and paste it into the My Right Horse plugin installed into your WordPress site.

6. Adjust the settings within the plugin to configure the appearance and style options to your preference.

7. Be sure to remove any old or outdated listings from your main site so that visitors aren't confused.

Your listings will now automatically update on your main website whenever make changes on Enjoy the time & effort savings!